Rosso del Parón

Veneto Rosso IGT

The wines have an identity, exactly like people. It sometimes happens that some vines obtain a special treatment They receive a special love and so do also their grapes. It is not casting a spell. It is an osmosis process. It is Mr Antonio Furlan who keeps on loving all of us. Everything he made, everybody he met, he is “el paron” (the boss), with positive meaning only. He was the symbol of strong and good temper, very very generous after all. He is the cradle of the wine Rosso del Paròn. It is his identity. He was someone you can not forget once you meet him. The wine Rosso del Paròn is like him. It is dedicated to him for what he did, for what you do and for what he represents for us.


Wine with a ruby deep red colour.


Hot full taste, harmonious and long-lasting. It tastes of red cherry jam, red cherry brandy, vanilla and spice.

Food Matching

Particularly suitable for herb-tasting food, boild red meat, roasted and grilled meat and old cheese.